The design of our products expresses simplicity. They are unpretentious and they shine effortlessly to let the eye focus on nature and the pure beauty of textiles. Like good friends, they silently give us their very best.

They give their very best with no word, like good friends.

Long lifespan

All our products are woven by native communities in Argentina, using only 100% natural fibres. This is why they age gracefully, no matter how many times you use them.

Our ethos

Both as a company and as individuals, we are committed to promoting Argentinian textile culture through high-quality products, which are always 100% natural.

We operate in a totally ethical manner to create a sustainable trade, which shares social and economic benefits with all those included in the production, distribution and consumption chains. In this way, we support the values and lifestyles of the regions in which our textiles are produced. And we want to make our clients aware of this social and environmental responsibility, and of our respect for others.

Who are we?

Marcela LozanoVictoria Dimópulos

GUAYRURO is an independent family business funded in 2010 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, by Marcela Lozano and Victoria Dimópulos.

GUAYRURO uses unique textiles and its own designs inspired by different cultures. We work with different native communities using local organic fibres to produce high quality textiles.

Buenos Aires
Palacio Barolo
Av. de Mayo 1370
Piso 4to 52
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